Friday, January 9, 2009

What are these strange things on my feet?

Look! Carter has shoes on his little feet. It was only slightly more difficult than wrestlin' an alligator. But look how cute! I mean honestly, taking a baby out shopping barefoot in January, even when it is 67 degrees can raise some eyebrows. And Carter does not believe in footwear. He does think socks are yummy chew toys, but as far as he is concerned they do not belong on the feet.

We took the kids on an outing today to get out of the house. Missy suggested we could go to Chuckie Cheese or the Children's Museum. I suggested the outlet mall. I needed a few things for some of my swaps, and it seemed like a good compromise. We were leaving the Gymboree store when we spotted these shoes on sale and Carter was sound asleep in the stroller clueless of the plot.

Once I got them on him when we got back to the house he just kept looking at his feet, "what am I going to do about this?" he was thinking.
Mogan got sick on the way down here today, so we had to change her into the Harley shirt that Anna outgrew. It is a little big on her but she thought it was pretty cool. When they got ready to go home she asked if she had to give it back. I wanted to take her picture,but she wanted me to chase her.

Carter had to think about whether or not he was going to show me that he knows how to walk.


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