Friday, January 2, 2009

Vacationland in the Batcave

Well who'd a thought that when you work at home that you might need a vacation even if you don't go anywhere? I am thoroughly enjoying my time off. Usually when I say I am taking a break it is to spend time on new quilt kits work on listings etc. So I guess that is still work. But this break I am actually spending time doing some just for fun stuff and have put the quilt kits and baby fabrics completely out of my mind. I have been to Joann's twice and not even looked at the flannels! I also have been working on my projects without turning on the TV or the computer to check emails and print shipping labels.

Here is my first mini "penny rug" that I finally finished tonight. It was a learning experience anyway. I am planning on taking out the blanket stitching on the outside edge and putting a backing on it since I found out that it needs one. Maybe I will do a little quilting motif in the center too.

I went to my favorite LQS, Fabric Expressions, today and went gaga over the wool and the gorgeous sample penny rugs and wall hangings they have. And stocked up on a pile of goodies to play with. I also bought a pattern for a Baltimore Penny Rug. I think it will take me about 20 years to finish it if I ever do, but I loved the motifs and might just use some of the pattern for other projects.

I got some spring colors in the wool felt and a few FQs of homespuns, these will be fun! Then I went to visit Ruth, she left her pictures here on Christmas eve and I said I would bring them to her, but I really just wanted to visit and talk about crafts. She gave me a wool felt rug hooking kit that she got in Paducah years ago. She was working on it while she was at her booth then she never worked on it again. We dug through some magazines and finally found some instruction for how to finish it. It looks like it will be pretty, so I might give that a try too.

I am still going to have to do some research to figure out if the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)that goes into effect on 2/10/09 is going to prevent me from selling baby quilt kits. I know for sure that finished quilts will be affected unless they pass an exemption for handmade cottage industries. I saw that ebay is having a listing sale this month so I guess I will have to end my vacation soon and get some baby things listed before they become illegal.


  1. Hi Doni, this is my first visit to your Blog and it's wonderful.
    I have enjoyed reading everything so far....the kids are adorable and I took the Photobucket and Flicer tour!
    I am into the Penny Rugs (as you found out) and I think yours is darling....and yes, they need to be backed.
    I found as well, with the oblong or square ones that a homespun works very nicely to help make it lay flat rather than using more of the woo or wool felt....just a tip!
    Thanks for ordering from my website.
    I put your blog on my Favorite Blog list.
    Hugs, Karen

  2. Thanks Karen! I posted a link to your site so everyone can see your beautiful work. I am still working on mine. I need seven mini's for my spring swap. I am hoping to get them all done in time.


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