Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ten Things

Ten Things I Want to Do In 2009:

Learn to hand embroider.

Learn to use my Singer embroidery machine

Go to Casa Bonita and the Denver Zoo with Missy and Morgan, Carter, Kyle, Anna and anybody else who wants to join us.

Go to the beach.

Buy an Accucut Studio Die Cut machine.

Paint the family room.

Finish at least one adult size quilt, including quilting and binding it.

Leave ebay.

Decorate the back yard with birdhouses and garden ornaments.

Have enough crafts made to do 4-5 shows.

Go to the Beach.


  1. Since you put 'Go to the beach' twice does that mean you will be picking up and dropping off Anna and Kyle. haha!

  2. My goal is to buy the Accucut Studio cutter also. Have you seen their new product that is portable and not so much money as the Studio. Good luck with all of your goals

  3. Yes, I keep getting emails for the accucut GO cutter. People I have talked to say go for the biggest and best deal to start with, so you won't want to upgrade soon and regret it. Hope you get yours this year too!

  4. um, I was wondering if anyone would notice that was #11. I hope so!


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