Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Basket of Fall Pumpkins

I have been seeing a variety of cute fabric pumpkins around blogland this season and I so wanted to plan a crafty party and do some of these as well as a couple of other projects. I had it all planned because I so so so wanted to make that Mac and Cheese that I saw in Martha Stewart Living last month, and mom's Fresh Apple Cake. Then things got out of hand again, too much else going on and we couldn't find a time for getting everyone together, and things are still a bit too messy here in real life land.  That made me sad. But I finally drug Big K down to the batcave to play one night and we put together a little basket to take to Mom the night before we left on the trip to almost hell and back. 

It was supposed to be kind of a leisure trip to the East Coast to pick up some furniture from storage and a stop to visit with mom and dad for a few days when dad was going on the Honor Flight to visit the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. On day 2 of the trip I noticed that my throat was feeling kind of scratchy and funny. On day 3 I was feeling pretty bad but trying to convince myself that it was probably just an allergic reaction to something in the hotel room. And it just went from bad to worse for 11 days until I was begging for my bed so I could crawl in it and die. So I am stubborn and after 2 days of watching me trying to hack up a lung my daughter finally had enough, told me I am an idiot, called the Dr. and made me get an antibiotic. And within 24 hours I was feeling 1000 times better and decided that I wanted to live after all. I am still kind of weak in the knees and can't do a lot without resting, but I did learn something from the experience. Sometimes you might need to see a doctor when you are sick. 
And now that I am feeling better I really want to make some more of these adorable pumpkins for my table. Mom loved the basket and they look so pretty on her table in her new house. 

I did get back down to the batcave and started a few new projects last week, and I finally reopened my etsy store. Haven't made a dent in the fabric stack down there yet, but I might get motivated to try to organize one of these days. Right?
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