Wednesday, April 8, 2009

6 Pocket Bag Pattern

When I had some time off from quilt kits last week I was playing around with the 6 pocket bag pattern and came up with a larger version that I like better. I tried it in the Paris Spring deco print with the pink leopard. Really cute!

This one is about 18" wide by 12" high and I added a little snap tab closure. I put a plastic canvas bottom in it too for stability and to square it out. This is a great size for shopping or day trips. The inside is a black with white polka dot cotton.
I wish my camera didn't suck. I guess I had it set for the wrong lighting. This one is really cute and bright. I will try to get a better pic tomorrow when I am working on my new listings. It is a little shorter, but still nice for a shopping tote.

I had a request for a froggy pink and green quilt kit. I put these fabrics together and they look so cute. Then the customer changed her mind and decided on a flannel rose raggy kit. No worries, I think I will make these up in a kit anyway. I really want to make it in a quilt for a sample anyway. I have a few other projects going right now, but hope to get to this soon!

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