Monday, September 1, 2008

Morgan and Carter

Morgan and Carter came over for a visit today. Morgan has been missing Grandma and TaTa so much since they moved out two weeks ago. She was only 22 months old when they moved in with us last November, so I don't think she has much memory of living away from us before. Marissa told her they were coming to see us today and she wanted to know if she could bring her bed with her!

Morgan loves to paint and Marissa got some projects for her to paint for us. She brought TaTa a present for his birthday. It is a wooden plaque with pictures of Morgan and Carter.

She brought me a very beautiful birdhouse. I thought she did an excellent job on it and we decided to put it on a shelf in the new playroom.

I bought some strawberries for Morgan and told her I had a surprise for her. So we went to look in the little frig for her surprise. Of course she spotted the Boston Creme Cake I had bought for dessert and said "Chocolate cake for me!" and grabbed it and tried to run off with it. I had to talk her into trading the cake for one of TaTa's birthday cookies.

Marissa told me Carter is sitting up pretty good now so I plopped him on the floor in a sitting position and walked off. He went thunk and fell right over. So it was explained to me that he is not sitting up quite that well yet. But he didn't seem too upset, at least not as upset as his mama was.
When it was time to go home Morgan was not ready to leave. But TaTa gave her some of his special birthday cookies to take home in her backpack and that made her happy. I think she was pretty tired too, and since mama wouldn't let her bring her bed she was probably happy to go home anyway.

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