Friday, July 20, 2012

A Patio Makeover Project

 So I am learning that living in the Midwest is just a little different than Colorado. It is called HUMIDITY and I am starting to get that now. But I just prefer to think "tropical" or "sultry" and enjoy it. Because... if you hate the cold as much as I do you gotta soldier on and take the heat when it is there. This won't last forever. Before you know it I will be whining and downright complaining about the cold. Why is summer so short anyway?

It was a sultry 105 degrees last weekend so I decided to finally get around to decorating the patio. That was a good idea because I spent the weekend inside in my sewing room. I scrounged through my fabrics and came up with some canvas drop cloths, a ticking stripe, and a couple of small pieces of decorator fabric. 

 I don't do ruffles inside my house, but for some reason the gingham ruffle on the pillow sham just seemed like the perfect thing for outside. I wish I could have got my ruffler to work on my machine, it keeps jamming up and I got frustrated and just did it the old standby way with a basting stitch and pulling the thread. Time consuming, but totally worth it in the end. I love them.

Scored this fabulous ottoman at Goodwill for $10! I have a canvas drop cloth slipcover cut out. I will finish it this weekend I hope. Tutorial coming soon!

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