Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mug Cake: We Tried It

I finally got too curious and had to try the Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe. It worked just fine. I would defnitely suggest using the Xtra large size mug. It rose all the way to the top but did not go over the top. Then when I got it out of the microwave it shrunk back down.
Tasting Notes: This mug cake makes enough to serve two people easily. I would say that it needs a little work on the texture and the chocolateyness. But I like the idea of the novelty of mixing up a warm dessert to serve after dinner. And if you have kids this would be fun to do together with them for a bedtime snack. If you use the large mug you could add the ingredients and let them stir it up, and they will like watching it rise in the microwave while it cooks. A little canned frosting would be fun for them to add too. I would split it in half.

I have a few ideas about improving this recipe. I plan to try it again with some melted bittersweet chocolate and butter in place of the cocoa and oil. I may have to play around with it a bit, but will definitely let you know how it works.


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