Monday, September 6, 2010

The Winning Colors Are....

My Inspiration Rooms!

From Martha Stewart Living for Home Depot the winning colors are: Sultana, Rice Paper, Lagoon, Sunken Pool, Enamelware, and MAINE LOBSTER!

I picked up about an inch high stack or color chips last weekend, and I shuffled and reshuffled them and was going to go with a couple of soothing sand and sea colors. But I just kept feeling drawn back to the citron, turquoise and red combination.

We went back to Home Depot today and I just grabbed a handful of colors and there you go. These are definitely colors that will put me in a happy and creative mood and since the living room, office and craft room spaces are basically one big open 40'X18' room I can mix the colors from one area to the next and go from soft and soothing to bright and lively. I was a little worried that blue and beige might be too cool for a creative space, so I think citron and red will heat things up a bit and inspire me. Well, that is what I am hoping anyway.

We have 5 gallons of primer, rollers and tape and a new light fixture for the office area! Ready to get to work now!
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