Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It was back to work day for me. The hardest part was figuring out that I sold 5 quilt kits, and who to ship them to. At first I thought I sold 3 then found out one person ordered two, then when I went to print the shipping labels I discovered another one that I had not known about. That got me scrambling to get another one cut out and packed up before the 4:45 deadline to make the run to the PO. But I made it easily with 7 minutes to spare :) I think there is a lesson here somewhere about what I need to do to improve my business plan, but if it wasn't for the stress of mismanagement I might bore myself to death.

After I got that done I was back to the fun stuff, working on swaps. I am sure that the internet was invented just so a bunch of women could go out and spend time and money buying gifts for perfect strangers for absolutely no reason. That makes perfect sense to me. But seeing that I have a lot more time than money it seems like a good idea to make something special for my swap buddies. I found this cute fabric journal project at
allpeoplequilt.com and made one tonight for one of my swap partners. It came out really cute and the composition book was only 92 cents at wally's, plus a few dollars for fabric and ribbon! I will post a pic once I get the ribbon sewed on for the tie. I am out of brick red thread. Imagine that of all colors to be out of!


  1. Great little project, the journal. Adding it to my list of neat stuff I'll get to in my spare time. lol Love ur blog!!

  2. Hi Barbara, thanks for visiting. That allpeoplequilt.com site is great, they have lots of free downloads. Did you see the free bag downloads, some from lazygirl designs and I think one from indigo juncton one time. I signed up for their weekly newsletter.

  3. Hey mama! Your line about time mismanagement made me laugh out loud. At least I know where I get it from. I have often thought that I must be purposely doing that, but didn't know why! Now I do.... Boring oneself to death is such a bad way to go.


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