Sunday, January 18, 2009

Look To Your Right

I am changing things up a bit here.

Started a new personal blog My cooking blog is The Rainbow Creek Kitchen. Find the links on the sidebar, just look to your right.

I got a twitter now too. Not sure why, just seemed like the thing to do since all my quilting friends were doing it. I put a feed for that on here so you can follow my every boring move it you want. Sign up so you can
tweet me.

This becomes my official crafting and business blog now. I do hope to have some new creations done to post about soon. Just that this computer stuff takes too big a chunk out of my sewing life and I am trying to get my priorities straight.

I worked on a cute new bag today, but didn't finish it because I was unhappy with the inside pocket so I ripped it out. So show and tell tomorrow.


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