Saturday, January 10, 2009

Unswap Anyone?

The fun part of doing online swaps is that you get something that is a complete surprise from someone who doesn't know you at all. The bad part about swaps is that you might get something that is a complete shock from someone who is obviously clueless.

I try, I really try, to fill out my profile so that someone who reads it will have some idea about the kinds of things I like, hobbies I enjoy, colors that make me happy. And I try to do my best to check my swap partner's profile, read their blog, look at their forum posts and get to know them so that I can hopefully bring a smile to their face when they recieve their package. That does not mean that everyone who participates actually "get's it." Sometimes you just get a swap mate who has all the best intentions and perhaps is not resourceful or creative. Someone who can't discern that a person whos fave colors are deep red, yellow and blue and likes retro and contemporary design, might not be crazy about pink, aqua, and lavender florals. Maybe they send you something they love and assume you will love it just as much. Who knows what nugget of info they found in your profile that led them to believe that this gift is the right gift for you.

I know for a fact that this happens to all swappers at some time or another, but we perservere and swap on. So I am thinking somehow there should be a way to unswap these inappropriate gifts and get them to someone who they actually belong with. Because it is not that they are such awful things, just that they were not the right things for the right person. The tricky part of this is finding that person. And also not offending the giver, who sent the item in good faith and hopes that it would please the givee.

The idea of doing a random unswap is not good, because it would most likely have the same result of the wrong gift for the wrong person. I thought of two other possibilities. First is a swap clearinghouse blog, where you can offer an item for swap and when you have a taker you just send it then you pick from the other available items. I think I saw something like this on, but I am new there and haven't learned my way around yet and don't know the rules of participation. The second idea is a round robin box of gifts where each person recieves the box and puts in one item for every item taken out, then sends it on to the next person. That one might be a little iffy, the last person could end up with their original items coming back, but it sounds kind of fun. I am not sure how or where to organize this, but I will be looking into it and taking ideas, so if you have any ideas or would like to start an unswap, leave a comment.


  1. What a cool idea!
    You know what I'd be afraid that someone who gave me the item in the swap would also be swapping something and KNOW I DIDN'T LIKE I'd be caught red handed! lol

    And to answer your question on my sewing....YEP, I sew EVERYTHING BY machine and I do it right there in my Den....I do all the cutting out and assembling pieces in my craft room upstairs but do the actual sewing while relaxing. I don't like being cooped up alone upstairs when there's life going on down here!

    Did you get those pork chops made????


  2. Well, I am known as the SWAP YODA, in my ebay groups... I love, love, love, fabric swaps. Ebay seems to limit the number you can have, so I hold mine off line. I've had very good luck, with everyone sending quality fabric and being pleased with what they get back. An ideal swap has around 10 Girlies. Come visit my blog, and check out my quilts and style. I will be having a swap soon...won't you join my "information only mailing list"//
    http://FROG HILL

  3. Hey April, of course I would love to join another one of your swaps! I will get over to you site and sign up soon. Thanks for visiting my blog! doni

  4. I am starting an Easter fabric, 5" charm square swap at FROG HILL FARM...check it out!!


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