Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Palisade Colorado

Sign on the door at Carlson Vineyards, Palisade Colorado

Our trip to Palisade was so nice. I guess I have been stuck home on the front range for too long, and forgot how beautiful and scenic Colorado is. We really enjoyed driving around the rural areas and the peach orchards were just amazing. The harvest is in full swing and they are picking the peaches and loading them into the fruit stands and onto trucks round the clock.

At the Palisade Sunday farmer's market I met the nicest couple, they own the SunCrest Orchard Alpaca ranch. I was fascinated by the alpaca fiber and and the needle felting. She was selling soaps that were wrapped in alpaca felt that was dyed and scented. They said that they are in the process of setting up a mill and will begin milling alpaca yarn on their ranch next year. The thing I liked the most about their products was their labels that featured a picture of the individual alpaca that contributed the fur for the product. Very cute characters. The birthing journal on their website is really neat.

After the farmer's market we set off to do a little wine tasting. I am not sure how many wineries there are in the vicinity, but it is quite a bit more than you could taste in one day. We were lucky to take a wrong turn and found the Carlson Vineyards a few miles off our path.

The tasting room is in this rustic looking building and was just a fun laid back atmosphere. The wines were all quite good and the highlight of the tasting was the "2 second dessert" recipe.

First you melt some good chocolate, they used Enstrom's, then you dip the rim of the wine glass in the chocolate. Pour the Carlson Cherry Wine in the glass and be sure to pass the napkins around. It was sooo good. Of course I had to bring home a bottle of the cherry wine for our next dinner party.

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