Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This is harder than I thought, but...

I spent the day doing something that was not actually what I should have been doing, which is working on orders and listing items in my store. But it was so peaceful and such a beautiful day I decided to play around with a Moda Charm Pack I picked up a few weeks ago and made this really cute raggy quilted purse.

It turned out great and I thought it might make a fun tutorial to post. And good practice for me to work on my photo editing and blogging. I got all the photos ready to post and am actually feeling pretty pleased with myself, but way too tired now to start posting them and writing and editing the instructions. Anyway, if you have a charm pack of some fabrics you love laying around, and would like to learn how to make a cute rag quilt purse, I promise I will get the instructions posted this week. It is a fun way to use charm packs and it is not too early to start thinking of handmade holiday gifts.

I was considering doing the whole tutorial in photobucket. But this is the kind of thing that makes me crazy, I uploaded and labeled half of the pics and then I discovered that they are in reverse order! Now my technically challenged brain could not figure out a way to get them in order. So I finally tried the slideshow view and found a reverse button on there and found that I could copy the link for that. So here is a preview of the charm pack raggy purse tutorial if you want a sneak peek. Will finish it tomorrow I hope. But, oh yeah, I need to get those orders ready to ship before I can have any more fun.

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  1. I wonder if you have the finished tutorial for this cool rag-tote:) I would love to have that.


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