Sunday, August 31, 2008

Swappin' Fun

Marissa found this group on called "Color Me Happy Swaparooni." It is an online swap group where you are assigned a swap buddy and exchange a gift for whatever theme the group has selected that month.
Last month was the Creature Comforts and Leisure, pillowcase and and book swap. It was so much fun. My swap buddy was Paulette, from Tennessee. I really enjoyed getting to know more about her. She works with her husband on their farm raising natural foods and homeschools her 3 beautiful girls. Her blog Capturing Today is so interesting. She sent me a cute embroidered pillowcase with my name on it and a great historical novel, with a pretty handmade beaded bookmark.

So Mark totally doesn't get it why someone would go online and sign up to send gifts to a perfect stranger for absolutely no reason. I guess if you put it that way it does sound a bit strange.
I tried to explain it to him this way.
Me: You know how we have been married for 30 years and every birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or Valentines you don't have a clue what to give me or what I would like?
Him: Yeah...
Me: So I can go on the internet and make a list of my basic likes and dislikes. I like red, orange, summertime, cottage style, etc. And a perfect stranger will send me a wonderful surprise in the mail. And I get something that I love and I don't have to tell her what to buy or go buy it myself.
Him: I don't get it.
Me: It's a girl thing.
Him: OK, whatever.
This month is the Local and Fair Trade Swap. I am not having so much luck on that one. But I still have a few days, so will hopefully pull it together by the deadline.


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