Friday, August 8, 2008

Planning a Peachy Weekend!

The first round of voting ended with some ties. I was tied with Joey in the purse and baby quilt categories and took second place in the runoffs. Yaaay! I took first place in the large market tote category! I might get the items listed for the Customer Appreciation Sale, but I haven't got that border ripped off yet to redo the baby quilt and we are going out of town for the weekend.

We are planning a trip to Grand Junction and Palisade on the Western Slope to do some peach picking and maybe visit a winery. The word it that they have a bumper crop of peaches and with perfect weather conditions this spring they are supposed to be juicier than ever. I am planning on trying my hand at a little canning again this year and can't wait to put up some peach preserves and jams. Yummmm! Better stock up on peanut butter at Sams Club. I hope I get enough to last a little longer this year. Cassidy was very sad when we ran out of Doni Jelly and so was Mark.

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