Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, It Can't Be The End

Can it really be Labor Day weekend already? That means the end of summer doesn't it? How sad. And yet, there is something about fall that just never fails to stir some anticipation of crisp sunny days, delicious meals loaded with fall veggies, and slowing down the pace of life a bit. (The start of a new football season with delusions that the Broncos might have a winning season is always adds an interesting element too.)

I read one time that most people actually think of Autumn as the real "new year" since the traditional school year begins and we started a new grade with new teachers, and most importantly, new school supplies and "school clothes." Of course it was always too hot on the first day of school to wear your favorite new fall outfit. What a disappointment!

Now the summer break is so short and the kids in our area are back in school in early August, so I wonder if they will have the same association with Autumn that the older generations do.

I have even started collecting some gorgeous new fabrics for Christmas runners and candle mats to make. Some for gifts and some for sale. I have so many projects lined up, you would think I could stay out of the fabric stores and stay home and sew and get some new kits ready to list. That is my plan at least.

Here is a fall table runner I made for my mom last year.
I really love that Alexander Henry fabric in the center. Unfortunately I only bought a yard of it and when I went back to buy more it was gone.
I have seen a few new Moda prints that I have my eye on, we'll see how long I can hold out without buying anything new.


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