Sunday, August 3, 2008

RQQ Voting Has Begun

The voting for the RQQ County Fair started on Thursday and I have been watching the polls to see who is going to win. One of the entries, by Trish, is a full size sampler quilt done in rag quilt style, it is just sooo cozy looking and the work is beautiful. I am pretty sure she will win the Grand Champion award, nothing else comes close. Hopefully she will let me snag some pictures of it to post here. She is not going to put it up for auction yet because she is entering it in her hometown County Fair next week.

I wanted to make something new and different this weekend but ran into a creative block when I pulled out my fabrics and tried to get something started. I was thinking of a new bag from the Moda Daydreams Collection, but couldn't decide on raggy, hobo style or tote bag. So I set that aside. Then I cast my eye on an Alexander Henry children's print called Oasabi. It is an adorable print with Chinese children playing on a red background and I have been wanting to make a baby quilt or diaper bag from it for some time. I started on the baby quilt and then decided I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it. So ended up with some silly 9 patch and pinwheel blocks in honeydew and a red A Henry print with Chinese characters. Chinese pinwheels? Set that aside too. But I was happy with the blocks because I figured out the measurements for the triangles for an 8" block all by myself and they turned out perfect. So those go into a zip loc bag into the drawer full of zip loc bags of UFO's . I am sure someone has something even stranger than that in their drawer full of misfit blocks. Maybe it would be fun to do an ugly block swap some day and see what kind of quilt comes out of it. Hmmm. Might have to think more on that.


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