Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Economic Crisis Is Working For Me

This huge crisis is going on around us, a bazillion $$$$ are being spent to fix it. Why does everyone seem so normal, going about their daily business and happy as clams? I went to the Rockyard to get my growlers filled a couple days ago, it was packed with people enjoying happy hour as usual, laughing, drinking and generally ignoring the crisis. As for me I am in a complete zone of serenity. Maybe it is the poor working stiffs who are not feeling any panic. We don't have a dog in the hunt so life goes on. I am kind of a freak, so when Mark said his boss was coming to town last week I said, "Is he going to fire you?" He just looked at me like I was from another planet, which may be so. But he just came here to hang out for a couple of days, said "you're doing a great job" and left. We actually never figured out why he was here. I won't speculate about why he called the week before to ask Mark what the name of the hotel was where they busted all those hookers. Let's just assume it is because the rooms are cheap, huh?

So my sales have been better than they have ever been. Baby rag quilt kits are becoming a little boring but I am planning on shopping around and getting some new designs on line soon. I did a Santa and Snowman kit that I listed yesterday. Next two weeks are going to be busy trying to come up with some items for the craft show. If I don't get busy soon I will just have to sit there and watch Marly sell her cute wooly mitten ornies, and Missy selling her checkbook covers. I have a few ornies made up. Here are the Santa and Snowman. I have some of them cut out just have to get to sewin' em. Actually I started those last year, and ran out of time. Now I have all this new fabric and all these new projects that I want to do. Soooo much fabric, so little time!

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