Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A $150 Pot Holder?

I am all caught up with orders, stocked up on quilt kit fabrics and I was looking for some small projects to whip out for the craft show. I figured if I just stay home and work on some small items I can manage something to take to the show. And the pefect idea came to me when I was browsing one of my quilt books. She had this cute quilted trivet that was filled with a little bag of shmelly shtuff so when you put a hot pot on there it will fill your kitchen with the scent of apple cinnamon good shmelling shtuff.

I fell for a new Moda print that Carol just got in at Sew-Ciety and grabbed two charm packs and a couple of yards. It is called Bistro and has two colorways that I love. But before I cut into them I decided to try the potholder with something I am not so committed to, found this charm pack of "Winter" and figured I would try the depression block pattern. Just had to downsize it to an 8" block and add a border. Cut the charm squares into 2 1/2" squares. I hate to waste half of each so I decided to stitch on either side of the diagonal line and cut down the middle rather than stitch down the middle and scrap the other half triangle. And my block would be about a half inch smaller. This was pretty challenging for me and it took me all day to get the 32 little triangles together to make this one block. I didn't have any yardage to match so used this homey check and then put a pillow sham style backing so the pouch can be removed for washing. Concocting the shmelly shtuff was a whole 'nother adventure. I am on my second round of trying to find the right mix of popourri, rice and excelsior for filling. So I guess if I can sell this potholder for about $150 .... Maybe Cindy McCain needs one for each of her houses? Of course I persisted in my madness and got 7 more done on Sunday so that should cover her and leave one for the craft show.

I guess I will hold off cutting into the Bistro fabric for now. My friend Gail gave me her top secret pattern for making purse size tissue pack holders that can be done in about 5 mins, so there is still hope I can get something done for the craft show. As soon as I finish the trick or treat bags for the kids and quilt kit orders ... sigh


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