Sunday, October 5, 2008

I Can't Believe It

October 5 already, for goodness sake! Don't know how that is possible. Matt and Krystal's baby "Scooter" is due in 4 weeks now. Marissa had a baby shower for her yesterday. OMG, I hadn't seen Krissy in a while and could not believe how big she is. Four more weeks? I am not too sure about that. The shower was fun and I got to have fun helping her plan it and making the invitations. Andrea finished the sweater she started for Carter before he was born, it is a little too small for him now. So she gave it to Krystal and only had to finish putting the buttons on after the shower. That's just Andrea! We had to laugh when she showed up and asked if anyone had a sewing needle. Morgan thought the baby gifts were for Carter and tried to give them to him.
I guess she will understand this new baby thing soon. She says Matt and Krystal are going to have another Carter.
I really haven't been slacking off. I had a ton of quilt kits and bags sell in the past couple of weeks that kept me so busy and made me happy that things are selling again. So where do I get time for all my new projects? I started playing around with the felt bags I want to make for the craft show and really got into those, but had to put them aside to do real work. Then I made some ornaments and had to put those aside too. Made a really cute rag quilt charm square wallet pattern and got a few of those done. I have my orders from the weekend ready to ship tomorrow and will get Milena's quilt finished tomorrow. Now can I go out and play?


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