Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Holy Pumpkin Roll Batwoman! What are your thinking?

So I must have too much on my mind or spending too much time in the batcave is getting to me. I keep making goofy mistakes.

First there was the quilt quandry. I sold a lavender butterfly rag quilt set. This is the set. I had a very busy week that week and sold a couple of purses and diaper bags and lots of quilt kits too. Then I got this feedback on ebay from the lady who bought the quilt:
"I thought this was suppose to be lavender,but already sewn together."
The feedback was positive and no complaint from the buyer but I was curious what this meant. So I emailed and asked her if there was a problem. I got this response: The item was fine, just thought it was lavender, already made it for a gift.
So I emailed again and asked if she got a lavender butterfly quilt with pillow. She said "no, I got a pink quilt kit, but it was very nice so I just made it to give for a gift. " No request for a refund or anything. Now I have not heard a word from whoever got the quilt, so can I assume they are happy with it? Today I had 5 quilt kits to ship and was I ever careful to make sure I got the labels on the right packages.
Then the pumpkin roll. I was craving this and got everything to make it a couple days ago. I had some chicken and dumplings cooking and decided to mix up the cake and throw it in the oven. I had it all mixed and then checked the recipe one more time to be sure I had all the ingredients in there. That is when I noticed that the recipe called for 2/3 cup of pumpkin. NOT the whole can? Geez, I figured I could double it and make two but I had used my last 3 eggs. So I decided to just add extra flour and baking powder and make it into a cake. Forgetting that it did not have any oil in the original recipe and that cakes have oil, it turned out a bit "heavy" shall we say. I am going to make some cream cheese frosting for it and call it a pumpkin bread I guess.


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