Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sad Goodbye Red Table...

I had to take a break from painting to make a custom baby quilt order. It was really tough to tear myself away and get started sewing so I kind of snuck back to painting a bit in between cutting and stitching. I really wanted to get started on my tables. But then I am a little sad that my red table got nixed out of my color scheme. I am going to miss my red table.

The quilt turned out really pretty, I think. It is in the dryer now blooming. I will get some pics of it tomorrow when the light is better.

So all I have now is a sneak preview of my tables.

The base coat is Martha Stewart Home Depot "Enamelware." I just love this color! I mixed up some whitewash for the second layer, and will have to do some sanding to see how that turns out before I distress and glaze it.

I just love this Craftsmen Workhorse bench. I bought it for Mr. Rainbow Creek for his birthday many years ago. Wasn't that thoughtful of me! That is the really cool thing about guys, huh? You can actually give them tools and work stuff for gifts and they think it's great. Not at all like if they gave you a vacuum cleaner or Swiffer for your birthday. That would be very uncool!

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