Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Am Feeling Kind of Blue

A reveal, kind of. I finished painting the family room and put the furniture back.

It is clear that the white slip cover is going to the top of my "to do" list.

I think we can all agree that this wall is just a little too much blue.

The enamelware color on the chunky table is making me happy. I was reluctant to do too much glazing but have since changed my mind. It definitely needs a little aging.

I am debating about keeping some red in the room. My plan was to go all white. But I like Americana and red. Maybe I will just transition it out as budget allows??

I saw a vintage pay phone booth sign on ebay that I would love to buy for my phone booth. Way out of my budget though. So I am playing with some ideas for making one myself.

I don't mind too much living with all the undecorated space. I do have the urge to run out and buy things just to fill it up, but my budget for this project is about a $dollar or 2.98. So my goal is to challenge myself to find frugal ideas to create some unique artwork. Right now my mind is as blank as my walls. Sigh...


  1. Doni, your color choices are wonderful and I think once you get the white slip on your sofa, it will really bring everything out. I think that touches of red would be fabulous, too. I have seen people take beautiful pieces of fabric and frame them...makes a lovely piece of artwork for the wall!



  2. Nice work Doni- what about covering those pillows with a red, cream, or tan removable covering...that would give it some pop against the blue wall. Then you could leave the white slip cover off the sofa. Homespuns???

  3. Thanks T. I was wondering, where do you buy your homespuns anyway? They do go well with the Americana. I can never seem to find the variety you find, and I think J's is a little pricey on them.

  4. Well....I just grab remnants on sale at J's, and have acquired a lot from swaps, and eBay lot purchases. I did recently acquire a HUGE stash- if you check the RQQ threads I posted a picture of them there. I would be willing to part with some if you are interested. I think that stash will last me long into the next 30 years! If you are wanting Americana colors I have them. let me know through email or something.


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