Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Friday Shopping Bags

You remember what a mess I have here since I had to shut down my quilt kit store and move everything to paint? But my etsy store was still open and I sold one of my bags the other day and I thought that bag was in the baby cradle where I keep important things, like bags I have listed for sale. But no such luck. It seems I had packed those up and replaced them with a pile of UFO's and remnants. So I made a mad dash through a stack of boxes in search of that bag. Whew! I found the bag and shipped it and I also found these:

A pair of Christmas Shopping Tote Bags that I forgot I made.

They have a cute red print lining and a couple of handy pockets inside, a button closure too.

They are two different sizes. I think they could use a little fluffing in the dryer because they were smashed in that box for a while.

But they got me thinking about Black Friday, well, for obvious reasons (see, they are black and they are Christmas shopping bags, hello.)

So I decided that I should host my first ever Black Friday Linky party and Giveway! Which will be my first ever linky party of any kind, plus I am going to throw in some giveaways too. I went off in search of a linky tool and found it was really easy to set up an account. Now I would like to invite anybody with an online store to join in if you would like to.

The idea is to run a special sale or coupon code for your store on your blog for the holidays and add your link to my giveaway any time before Black Friday. I will post the link this Thursday night and announce the winner of the giveaway on Black Friday. I will have a button for you to add to your post so your followers can enter the giveaway and also find all the sales specials. Sound like fun? Hope you will come back and join in!

We finally got a blast of winter weather here today. Too cold to paint, so I have a no sew gifty tutorial planned instead.

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  1. I like this bag. Thanks for sharing.

    2010 black friday

  2. You are so clever.....glad you found those! Hmmm I am in....let me get my mind wrapped around this over the weekend. Let me know if you need this tweeted, FB'd or RQQ'd. I do them all!


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