Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Story of An Ugly Room

This is a story of an ugly room. It didn't really mean to be ugly, but it just happened. It started out as my hangout room, and I just kind of threw it together to fill up the space and and have a place to take a break or eat lunch while I was working...

down here in the "bat cave" as Mr. Rainbow Creek called it. Now that I am a blogger I have learned that these are called "mommy caves."Technically mine would be a "grandma cave." But never mind about that.

It was the original home of Rainbow Creek Creations and I spent my days peacefully creating rag quilt kits and purses here while Mr. Rainbow Creek was out slaying the dragon so to speak.

And then one day the recession began and the boomerang kids began to arrive. 3 by 3. I guess that is what happens when you have kids. They go forth and multiply by 3 apparently.

The demand for highly skilled carpenters was low so the Tattooed Mama and her husband and baby were on the brink of homelessness but for the fact that we had all this glorious space to gladly share with them. So they moved in and I moved Rainbow Creek Creations to the North end of the upstairs and managed quite nicely. Until the heat of summer hit and I realized that we DO NOT have AC in this house because conventional wisdom in the 70s was that you do not need AC in the mountains, even though it regularly hits 90 degrees in July. Luckily Mr. Tattoed Mama found a job and they were back on their feet, so I was able to reclaim the bat cave.

Lesson learned. When Matty Matt and Little K and the Little Prince arrived on our doorstep the next spring Mr. RC suggested that we move our bedroom downstairs and give them the master bedroom and the family room. That seemed logical because I would be able to keep my business running and have my own space to retreat to.

One year later: enter Big K and Destructo Boy and Annie Bannani. More room shuffling and furniture rearranging and we gave up the office and playroom and the living room. And everything that the upstairs people found of mine that they didn't want in their space they just brought it down to the bat cave and dumped it.

And eventually it looked like this. You know what they say about boxes of stuff. If you put it in a box and you haven't gotten it out and used it for 6 months you should just pick up the box and throw it out. Do you believe that? It sure is tempting. But then again it might be something I need, cause I don't even know what's in there. Heck, I don't even know what's anywhere anymore.

So this lovely dark brown paneling and worse yet a wood ceiling that was stained dark, dark, dark brown, nice huh? And what a nice collection of crap you have stuck on your walls. What the hell is all that stuff anyway? I must say it does nicely complement the ugliest desk in the universe. And the gray folding table with 2 printers on top and 2 beat up file cabinets underneath does add a touch of whimsy, don't you think?

And my work space: inspiring huh?

So I got this crazy idea to redesign the whole thing. And it is terribly overwhelming. But I got some paint on the walls! I think I like it so far.

You really can't believe how big this room is. My goal is to transition the 3 rooms from a calm living room space to a bright office space to a colorful sewing/crafting space. I am not sure where that dark blue wall came from. I really did not intend to buy Blue Suede at all. It just jumped into my cart. Martha is confuzzling me with all these gorgeous colors to choose from!

Well actually I really like blue. And white. I love blue and white. Hopefully with Hosta and Sultana and Enamelware this is all going to work out.
This picture was taken with the sun shining in and all the lights on plus a halogen work light. I told you I am camera challenged, either I am terrible at this or my camera just sucks. The ceiling is actually white, but the walls are Sisal.
Well, that is the story of the ugly room so far. To be continued....


  1. ehhehe..... i am curious how the rooms will turn out. do keep us posted yah.

    my blog :

  2. I feel that way about our house. Ours is definitely the ugliest on the block! The previous owners "let it go" and we're just too broke to get it looking good. Finally, after 3 years, we have some paint on the walls and ceiling. Woodwork still needs to be done. Our old furniture has seen better days and out kitchen? Well, I entered the Sears/KitchenAid rescue my kitchen contest to see if can't win me a new kitchen! LOL! Cause that's the only way it's gonna happen at this point! LOL!

    Can't wait to see how the rest of your room turns out!

  3. Looks like you are working wonders on that room. Glad to see I'm not the only one with a place like that!


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