Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Not To Paint a Huge Room

I am still stuck in a mess here. Changed my mind about the colors and it really isn't like me to stop mid-stream on a project, I just can't figure out what is holding me up. It is only paint for goodness sake! I have usually been pretty fearless about color and design choices. I don't have a problem ignoring Mr. Rainbow Creek when he keeps urging me to go a couple shades lighter because everything darker than white is bound to be "too dark." I plan to go tomorrow and pick up new colors and have it done by Monday. No excuses.

Just so you know what I am up against...

Here is the "Before"
And this was when it was actually cleaned up and functional.

Now it is a big jumble of boxes and furniture piled in the middle of the rooms with half painted walls.

I keep forgetting to go find the cord to plug in the camera, so I can't really show you the utter devastation I have wrought.

So really the only thing to do when you get into a mess like this is bake something, I think.

No picture of the Dulce de Leche cheesecake (that camera cord thing, again.) After a hard day of shopping we hit up the Cheesecake Factory for an afternoon break. I became convinced that their Dulce de Leche might be a no bake cheesecake. I have tried a couple of other Dulce de Leche cheesecake recipes but they didn't have that light creamy texture I was looking for. I finally found this one and had to give it a try. I did have to stop at 3 stores for the Nestle's canned caramel, which is usually found in the Mexican food section, not the baking aisle. If you can't get the real thing, I would suggest the caramel apple dip that you find in the produce section will work as well. Also I used a vanilla wafer crust, which everyone seemed to like better than graham cracker. I did not try to duplicate the chocolate martini I had there... maybe next time...

For the Caramel Apple Pie we made homemade caramel, let it cool before dumping it right over the top of a basic apple pie, then topped it with streusel topping. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a cool fall night. Enjoy.

(Sorry for the awful pic, but I am just so camera challenged.)

Just for fun I made a little stick family. You can go give it a try if you want one too.

My Stick Family from

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  1. Well don't you just hate it when your brain stops mid stream! lol

    You'll come out of it okay and the room will be it's huge too.

    Great looking pie...I just made one last weekend and it didn't make it but 2 days and GONE!!!!



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