Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Find That Fabric

I am finally in the mood to get back to sewing some new things for fall and winter. I finally found that Alexander Henry fall print that was lost in the batcave. It was, ummm... in a box in a laundry basket that was covered with a pile of towels and who know's how or why it got there. Or why I just finally happened to look under those towels to see what the heck was in that basket... But the important thing is that I can stop obsessing about it and sew again. Here is a little candle mat I made from it. I have a matching runner too. I am getting ready to ship these off to the winner of the GIF (gift it forward) game on ebay seller central. I hope she will love it!

Here is another 6 pocket bag I made a couple weeks ago to match a dress Missy was wearing to a wedding. She couldn't find any pink shoes that were bright enough to go with the outfit so she ended up getting some blinged out flip flops. Ha ha, it turned out she was a little overdressed anyway. The wedding was on a ranch out in Strasburg and was more of a jeans and baseball caps kind of affair. But they said it was a great time.
I wasn't sure whether to add the bow or not, but Krissy said yes to the bow and Missy loved it too. I added a little matching envelope style makeup bag just for fun. You can make one for yourself too, check out the tutorial I have here!

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  1. what a cute and "sassy" hand bag! ;) I really like those fabrics.

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who looses stuff in the laundry basket. haha

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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