Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drink Pink Happy Hour Wristlet Bag

My newest creation was not really planned and didn't go very well for me. I am calling it the "Drink Pink" happy hour bag set.

I just decided to fool around with the makeup bag pattern that I made up for K and did it in this cool decorator print I picked up at Denver Fabric's a while back. I put a magnetic snap in the envelope flap on the bag, that worked out pretty well and I like it better than the velcro. I really hate velcro! But then it took me a while to figure out the cellphone pouch and I decided to make a little credit card wallet to match. Big problems with that, I kept doing everything wrong and had to rip it up a few times to get it right. That pattern is definitely going back to the drawing board! But overall I think the set is cute and may list it tomorrow if I have time.

Here is the Boho Blossom set I sent for Irene. I did a matching cellphone pouch and a little ribbon embellished bag for "personal" items to match. Hope she loves it.


  1. Oh I know how it is when trying to create a new pattern. That old seam ripper really gets a work out. And then sometimes the project gets thrown into the corner to sit and stare at me while I work on other things till it decides to behave and go together right. lol I love the drink pink fabric very stylish.

  2. well, your trials and tribulations don't show in the finished product. They look great!!! I love 'em all!


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