Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Stylish Little Pincushion

I hosted a fun pincushion swap in my RQQ (Rag Queen Quilters) group this month! We drew names and each made a special pincushion to send to our swap buddy. Actually I drew the names and emailed them to everybody. I ended up screwing up when I started emailing people and had to redo my list to make it work out. Then when I started working on designing my pincushion I realized that I had forgotten to assign myself a buddy to send to. I finally figured out that my swap buddy was Barbara and went to work on something that I hoped she would like.
Here is my inspiration piece. It is a very old and very cute ladies hat pincushion that I retrieved from Mr. Rainbow Creek's Grandma's sewing box after she passed away. I use this all the time and have been planning on making some of them for quite a while.
So in preparation for making this pincushion I have been washing and saving my tuna cans.
Here is the one I made for Barbara. I used a Debbie Mumm summertime Strawberry print.

One time last year Barbara posted that she had lost her scissors and had been searching for them for several days to no avail. A few days later she recieved an email from a customer to let her know that she had found a pair of scissors in the package Barbara shipped to her with her quilt! So I added a little pair of thread snipper scissors to the hat, they have a bow that attaches with velcro.

I will get a tutorial posted for this pincushion tomorrow night. Can you think of a better way to upcycle your tuna cans?


  1. The pincushion is even lovlier in person. Now I know why you have the scissors attached! lol

  2. Barbara, I washed that tuna can out real good, so I hope your kitties don't go sniffing around and decide it is a treat for them!

  3. How very cute! You did a great job! Love the scissors attached. lol

  4. Adorable! I would love to make one, but can't use pincushions at all, as my cats like to pull the pins out with their teeth and drop them on the floor. Too tempting for them to have one by my sewing machine.

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