Saturday, March 21, 2009

Little Dresses For Africa

Today was our first sewing meeting for the Little Dresses For Africa group Lauren is forming. We didn't have many participants this time but a lot of community spirit for the project and it was fun to meet some new friends and work together making these adorable little dresses.

I am terrible with names. But this is Lauren's beautiful long legged cat. I thought I got a better picture of her, but she is just gorgeous and seemed to enjoy hanging out and watching us sew.

Lauren's mom, she is not a sewer but she made this adorable dress with a little help from Lauren.

Mandy found some really cool pillow cases at the thrift store. I love this one. It was sized for a bigger girl. I know whoever gets this dress will love the pretty colors, it is so cute!

Thanks Lauren for hosting this get together! It was fun and you did a fantastic job of organizing it!
Ok, I forgot to get pictures of mine and Lauren's dresses. They were really cute too, but I got too chatty and forgot. Maybe she will get a couple of pics for me before she sends them. And I am looking forward to our next get together, now that we all know what we are doing we can get more sewing done and have fun chatting too.


  1. Hey girl. Tell me a little more about this project your doing? It sounds awesome. I have been thinking of starting a sewing group here, maybe this is the project to kick it all off. Pillow case dresses are super easy.


  2. Missy, Lauren did an ad on Craigslist to organize the group. I just met her through the ad. She has been following a blog of another lady who organized a sewing group for the project. She arranged a shopping date for everyone to meet and pick up supplies the first week, then we met at her house with our machines and got to work on the dresses. She is planning on mailing them to the organizer in Michigan as we finish them each month.

    I made mine from scratch from tutti frutti prints I got on sale at Joann's and added some rick rack for embellishment. So much fun to make and I wanted to make them extra special for the little girls who recieve them. The pattern is on the Little Dresses website and super easy. I hope you can get a group going too!

  3. Mom, you are the best. You never quit giving. I am so lucky to know you. Love you! K

  4. Hi Doni, what a wonderful thing you and your friends are doing....more people should get involved in something like this. How rewarding.


  5. Hi Doni,
    I came over from the idea of pillow case dresses....I will put that on my list to do. I bought some vintage pillow cases a while ago...was going to make them into market totes. This sounds more worthwhile. Thanks so much for sharing,
    Nikki in Virginia

  6. Thanks to Nikki for cluing me in on your post today!

    I will add this link to my charity page on!



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