Sunday, March 15, 2009

No Pics For Show and Tell (sigh)

Can you believe it? I totally forgot to get pics of the Americana Homespun Rail Fence quilt I made for my dad and the Debbie Mumm yellow daisy Raggy Runner and placemat set I made for my mom. I was planning to take the pics before our trip but just got so busy that I forgot. Then when the birthday party turned to disaster when the stomach virus from hell hit us I just never got a chance to take photos.

The quilt turned out pretty nice, I am doing another one in the same fabrics in raggy style and will probably turn that into a homespun stars and stripes rag quilt kit.

I love those Debbie Mumm spring prints so much. I wish I would have bought more when they were on sale. I am going to do some more of the table runners and placemat sets this week from the daisy prints and strawberry prints. I will be sure to get some pics for show and tell.

When is the first day of Spring? I have to check on that because I got my spring swap package from quiltbea for the HGTV Swing Into Spring Swap. The ladies in the quilting forum are all so talented and crafty, I can't wait to see what I got!


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