Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fairy Gardens: Part I - Patriot Garden

I am so smitten with Fairy Gardens. Ever since I saw my first Fairy Garden I just couldn't stop thinking about how much I wanted needed absolutely  had to have one for my very own. I pin every cute Fairy Garden I see and read about them and talk about them incessantly.  I have plans. I. Want. Lots. Of. Fairy Gardens.

 So I am excited to share with you my first Fairy Garden. Mr. Rainbow Creek put this awesome box together for me from the old painted barn wood that we used last year for the bookcase/table in our outdoor living room. I loved that table, but it wasn't going to be enjoying a useful existence this year since we don't have a space for it. So, it got cut up into this awesome box and repurposed for a Fairy Summer Picnic Park. 
 My goal has been to use mostly stuff that I have collected from around the house and a few Dollar Store items to craft my own Fairy furnishings. 

 The houses were 4th of July clearance from Joann's many years ago. They have always made me happy and were my inspiration for this garden.
 The pond is a little glass bowl that comes 4/$1 at Dollar Tree. I spray painted the outside of the bowls aqua and then filled it with those shiny floral glass rocks and some water. 

My picnic table is made from craft sticks and a tiny scrap of red gingham that I Mod Podged to the top. I have a couple of benches I haven't placed in there yet, and some picket fences that still need painting.

 Twigs make a great swing set with some sisal twine and a tiny scrap of wood for the seat.

I have at least 5 more Fairy Gardens I am working on. I can't wait to share them along with some of my ideas for creating inexpensive decorations. I hope the Fairies will love them and come and play in their special little gardens. Maybe I'll catch one of them splashing in the pond and get a picture! If I do I'll let you know!
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  1. What a beautiful arrangement, the garden is so perfect!

  2. I love your fairy garden. It has inspired me to try to make one of my own, soon.

  3. This one is so cute! I love the pond and the swing. You are very creative. They instantly take me away to fairyland! I love anything Americana so Your patriotic box is wonderful!

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