Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Find That Fabric

I am finally in the mood to get back to sewing some new things for fall and winter. I finally found that Alexander Henry fall print that was lost in the batcave. It was, ummm... in a box in a laundry basket that was covered with a pile of towels and who know's how or why it got there. Or why I just finally happened to look under those towels to see what the heck was in that basket... But the important thing is that I can stop obsessing about it and sew again. Here is a little candle mat I made from it. I have a matching runner too. I am getting ready to ship these off to the winner of the GIF (gift it forward) game on ebay seller central. I hope she will love it!

Here is another 6 pocket bag I made a couple weeks ago to match a dress Missy was wearing to a wedding. She couldn't find any pink shoes that were bright enough to go with the outfit so she ended up getting some blinged out flip flops. Ha ha, it turned out she was a little overdressed anyway. The wedding was on a ranch out in Strasburg and was more of a jeans and baseball caps kind of affair. But they said it was a great time.
I wasn't sure whether to add the bow or not, but Krissy said yes to the bow and Missy loved it too. I added a little matching envelope style makeup bag just for fun. You can make one for yourself too, check out the tutorial I have here!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Last Day of Summer

Yup, that is snow on my daisies.
Today was the last day of summer and mother nature decided to play a little joke on us here in Colorado.

Needless to say I was not particularly amused.
The snow was all melted by mid-afternoon, but it is still way too cold for this time of year.

I think it is supposed to be up in the 70s or 80s by the weekend, so should be nice for the craft fair. I have a pile of burp cloths to finish clipping and wash and then some kids tissue pouches and "boo boo buddies" to do too. Then the tagging and packing up to get everything ready to go, that is always more work and time consuming than I expect. It should be fun, I hope!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Biker Baby

Biker babies are going to love this little girly set I finished up today.

The quilt is a pretty little 4 patch of 2 cotton prints and a minky dot and cotton chenille.

I did my first zipper closed raggy bag today and it turned out really nice. I think I will try the zipper in the hobo raggy bags too.

I have matching fabrics to do this set in baby boy blue too. But I have a bunch of quilt kit orders so will have to get them out before I can work on anything else.

I found the most awesome skull fabric in pink and black with floral print, fell off the fabriholic wagon and had to buy it and now I am dying to make a bag with that.

And I only have 2 weeks to get things ready for the craft fair so I really gotta stop fooling around having fun and get to work.

Sew much fabric, sew little time. sigh.

Friday, September 4, 2009

12 Rag Quilt Projects for the Holiday's

I did not back up my photos. My memory card was full and I deleted most of my craft items so I could save my family photo's. Guess I get to start from scratch now. Although some of them are on photobucket and flick'r, I found out that those saved on Auctiva are not salvageable for copying to other sites.

I wanted to list my 12 Rag Quilt Projects pattern on etsy tonight, but no pics. Anyway, I found it here on Bonanzle. If you are thinking of some quick and easy handmade gifts for the holidays these are perfect. I did the holiday ornaments in Thimbleberries fabrics last year and they were so cute. I am thinking I should get started on some ornaments and holiday items for the craft show soon.

But I am feeling in the mood for a few fall projects and went on a search for that Alexander Henry fabric today. Now I am totally overwhelmed with all the projects I have stashed in boxes and bins everywhere. But I never found that fabric and I am determined to find it. Guess I have the long holiday weekend to continue my search.

I found a box with kits for these adorable Santa and Snowman ornaments from vintage chenille and hobnail bedspreads. Got them listed on my etsy too.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weeks Turn Into Months Sometimes

Hard to believe that I have been gone from here for soooo long. But you know what they say, "if it's not one thing, it's another."

My trip to Gloucester turned out to be 3 weeks away from home. It was absolutely awesome. I love it there and would have stayed on the beach for the rest of the summer, except the kids had this crazy idea that they wanted to go to Colorado.

So I packed them off and headed back here for a a few weeks. Goodbye beach and lobster feasts on the deck!
We had fun in Colorado too, except for the unfortunate idea we had to take the kids to Casa Bonita, the worst restaurant on the planet. But that is another story.

Then I drove back to IL to meet up with K to return the kids and a short visit with mom and dad.

When I got home my computer was being held hostage by the nastiest malware program ever invented, so I had to pack it off for a week of rehab. I was also chosen for a pretty cool survey about food products. It was called a blogography. The participants had 2-3 assignments each day for 5 days to blog about. They were not easy assignments, but it was pretty fun and challenging.

Now, back to the batcave for a little more stashbusting. I have been slow to get back to work on my stashbuster challenge, but made a table runner and coaster and towel set and got an apron done (late) for a swap. I have some new tutorials planned for the apron and towels. Really cute, I know you will want to try them! I am going to have to find that A Henry autumn print I stashed last year, I know it is here somewhere.

Di is signed up for a craft show this month and we can only do kid or baby items. She has pinky dolls and tooth fairy pillows, I am going to get started on a few burp cloth sets and diaper bags for that.
Pics and projects tomorrow I hope!
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