Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finally got some inspiration (better late than never?) We are doing the Castle Pines Holiday Boutique show this weekend, it seems to be going pretty well so far. I got a few more bags done today and took them over there. I really love the Moda Peace on Earth fabrics, the colors are gorgeous and they are more winter floral, not actually holiday prints. I made two of those and one of the Gypsy Rose. I think I finally mastered the hobo bag style. Now I want to dig out all the charm packs I have stashed and make some more.

Here are some pictures of our booth. We get plenty of traffic from Di's Pinky Dolls. They are so colorful and the little girls and grandmoms always have to come and look.

I had to move a lot of my quilts into the big suitcase because my runners and candle mats were runnning low.

I have a variety of bags, all one of a kind!
I really can't believe that Thanksgiving is 6 days away! How do the holidays always sneak up like that on me? I need to start making beach bags in the winter and Christmas items in the summer. Just can't seem to get the hang of that idea.

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