Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pet Peeve: Linky Party Abusers

If you look at my sidebar on my blog you will see a short list of blogs that I regularly link up with. I love these bloggers and really, really, truly appreciate their hard work. 

I know they take a lot of time to be super organized and show up every day to work on their blogs to present quality content for their followers. And they host linky parties to share the love and give us all a chance share what inspires us. And a lot of them get paid for their hard work through advertisements. That is a good thing. They deserve to be paid for what they do. 

So when I go to their linky parties to browse I sometimes spend a long time hopping from one blog to another. I love discovering new blogs and adding them to my reading list. I DON'T love when I click on a link and find that someone has decided to use the link to promote their store or item for sale. I consider that just plain abuse. 

I am a paid crafter, and I have an etsy store and a website where I sell my goods. I advertise and promote those sales on the sidebar of my own blog. But I would never, ever go and link up to someone's blog to outright advertise an item for sale. Because that is not right. If you want to advertise on the blog you should pay for that, not expect that you can insert your ad on a free linky and infringe on the host's hard work of building a base of loyal followers. 

I know your item is cute and handmade and you want to promote your new business. But that is just rude. 

Maybe I am just being nit-picky, but this really ticks me off. Rant over.

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  1. There are linkies online specifically for posting items from your shop, or general linkies that specifically say they allow it. Yeah, I agree. I hate seeing people abuse a linky.


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