Monday, January 23, 2012

Barbie Girl Twirl Skirt Birthday Outfits

Our Morgan May turned 6 this past weekend. I was going to do a birthday post for her, but I was too bleary eyed from working with Big K on the Barbie Glamour Fashion Party plans. Tattooed Mama believes in Birthday Celebrations. As in week long pull out all the stops and invite no less than 35-40 people kinds of Celebrations! Cake and presents for breakfast on the actual day of the birthday? Absolutely! Family night out Birthday Dinner? Of course! Then the Birthday PARTY! 

That's just how the Tattooed Mama thinks birthdays should be. We go along of course.

My contribution to this gala event was making the outfits for Morgan and Abby. I had originally planned a 3 layer bubble skirt, with the matching T-shirt for Morgan, but then Tattooed Mama decided it would be cute to make a matching outfit for her friend Abby, so I ended up with two different skirts because I didn't have enough fabric. 

I made two drop waist twirl skirts and one has a black tulle ruffle on the bottom with pink satin bows all around it and the other is a black tulle overskirt with a satin ribbon on the waist. 

I got the T-shirts on clearance and printed the Barbie silhouette and ironed Ultra Heat and Bond to the two different fabrics, taped the pattern to the paper backing of the heat and bond and then cut them out with my tiny super sharp embroidery scissors. And my hands were aching by they time I got all 4 of them cut out. OUCH! I used Super Bond fabric glue to glue the ribbon bow to the ponytail. 

I found out that one of the silhouettes had to face the other way because the t-shirt has a teeny-tiny pocket stitched on the left side, so I turned her around. Of course the girls couldn't line up with them facing each other like they were supposed to. ahhh well...
 There were mountains of new Barbie's and accessories.
Happy Barbie Girls!
A bunch of random pictures of a very special girl. How you have grown! 

And you have always had the style to wear whatever you want and look like a Princess, 'cause you know in your heart that's what you are!

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  1. Gorgeous skirts :) It looks like it was a great party!

  2. Such gorgeous pictures! What a fun party - love the barbie tops and the skirts too!
    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a fabulous week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  3. Such a cute party and you did a wonderful job on the shirts for the girls! Very pretty! Angie xo


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