Sunday, July 3, 2011

Outdoor Room Reveal!

Time for a peek at what I have done so far in the outdoor room! It is coming together and I am so excited. Now if we could just stop all the birthdays and holidays from taking up all our time I could get some time to paint a few things and pretty it up a little more. Not complainin', just sayin' I have a lot fun projects still to do and the days just keep flying by.

 Remember how I said I got this idea to pull a little bit of junk from here and there around the house to decorate my room? We built the little whitewashed table last year from old fence pickets and I drug the bench from the front porch for a coffee table.

And this cute little side table/bookcase Big K and I put together from fence pickets and old chicken crates a couple weeks ago inspired my theme.
It gets windy here because we live in a canyon, so I had to rip up some scrap fabric to make ties for the tablecloth or else chase it down and retrieve it from the field every day. This plastic table and chairs are not staying, I have another one I am working on, but for now... 
My outdoor daybed is done! This is absolutely my most favorite thing in the world right now.

It was originally one of those old oak school teacher desks. My mother in law had it cut down and put casters on it to make it into a coffee table in the 60's and it has been hanging around in the family ever since. We had gotten to the point where nobody wanted it and I was contemplating just free-cycling it when I suddenly realized that it wanted to be a bed. It will be getting a coat of paint soon as I decide on the color. White or blue? I keep changing my mind.
 This little spot is under cover and shady almost all day. Perfect for lounging away on a hot afternoon. Love my little fence picket and chicken crate side table too!
 I didn't find a twin size futon mattress on Craig's List, so I had to improvise and made a mattress with 9 cheap $2.50 pillows from Wal-Mart. Basically I just stitched up a gigantic 3 1/2' X 6' pillow case and stuffed the pillows inside. And I have always wanted a real featherbed. But who has $399 for one of those. Well, probably a lot of people, but not me. But I do have a really nice down comforter that I had packed away for years because it was too hot and made me cough at night. Actually I don't know if that is true, because we replaced it with a "down alternative" comforter and I still get too hot and cough at night. So, I found a bolt of ticking stripe fabric that I have been hoarding for...umm, about 10 years... and I made a duvet and folded the comforter in half to plop on top of my mattress. I rounded up some pillows from here and there and dug up an old quilt and VOILA! Daybed perfection for a little less than $25. So far that is all I have spent on anything in the room. It really pays to go shopping around your own house for stuff!
My little donkey is still sitting in the weed patch. I feel bad for him. Will see if I can get out there and pretty things up a bit this week so he won't look so sad.

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  1. The bed sure does look comfy and cute! I'd vote for white paint, that way it's more versatile if you ever want to change up the bedding. It would also brighten up the darker wood colored space.

  2. This is fantastic, and you can't beat the price!

    BTW, Ticking fabric is a great fabric to hoard... I have some in my stash too :) I also vote for white paint on the bed!

  3. Well it has been raining too much to get started on painting anything :( But I think I will do a whitewash on it whenever I have time and a nice sunny day. I love the look of sanded and whitewashed oak, it will be perfect for my beachy theme.


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