Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th! My Great American Menu Reveal

Well we got kind of all wrapped up with The Twinkies birthday cake project and I would say it was a big success. Big K was not sure what direction she wanted to go except that she wanted it to be tiered and "over the top cute." We finally decided on a stars and stripes theme, this being 4th of July weekend and all. But we added a colorful twist and I think it exceeded our expectations!
Big K did the baking and the actual work. I, of course, was just a design consultant and go'fer. I cut out a lot of stars and did the toppers for the cupcakes. And washed a lot of dishes. It is amazing how big of a mess you can make just baking a cake. Well, a cake like this anyway. It had 6 lbs of buttercream frosting, 2 chocolate layers and 4 white layers with fresh strawberry buttercream filling. And a whole pkg of colored fondant too.
It was a lot of fun and The Twinkies were so excited they could hardly contain themselves. What 9 year old girl wouldn't think this is something special? That was all we were hoping for!

But today is really one of my favorite days of the year. I am so excited to get the party started, enjoy some great all American food with friends and family and then head down to the park for the big fireworks show!

Here is my Great American Independence Day 2011 menu:
Barbecued Buffalo Wings from Simply Recipes. These look so yummy, can't wait to fire up the grill and get them going!

Bacon and Gorgonzola Sliders. Love sliders! They are small and leave room for a taste of all the other goodies!

Cole Slaw. I like the broccoli slaw mix and I make my own dressing with mayo, vinegar and sugar. Super easy. The cabbage kind is great too.
Boston Baked Beans, this recipe from looks like the real deal with smoky bacon, ketchup and molasses. 

Key Lime Pie, from I have made this a few times and it is super easy and delicious. I add a little lime zest to the mix and I am going to dollop the outside edge with whipped cream swirls and garnish with some fresh strawberry slices. Yummmmy!

And, of course, red, white and blue layered Jello shots! I had a bit of an adventure putting those together. They look awesome, but no guarantee how they will taste, I haven't tried one yet. The layers are Berry Fusion with raspberry vodka, Pina Colada with vanilla vodka, and Blue Rasberry with raspberry vodka. I am pretty sure everybody will love them. I have also have Blue Raspberry "shots" with red gummies for the little people.  I made them with Blue Raspberry Crush soda since we went to 2 stores and both were sold out of blue Jello. I guess I wasn't the only one with the idea of R,W & B Jello shots.

Happy 4th of July from Rainbow Creek!
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