Monday, June 13, 2011

Let's Try This Again

Arrrggghh! This is not going to be my FAIL post. I just haven't decided if I should pick up where I left off and act like nothing happened or do some mea culpa's with explanations for my long absence and try to make a new start. I am ready to blog again so I guess I will just forge ahead. 'nuff said, huh? Yup, I thought you would agree with me.

So I have 1 new grandson since my last post. Here he is... Lucas Tyler
That's about all he does so far.
 But he sure is a cute little froggie, isn't he?
And his big brother has taken a real shine to him.

I was holding Luke when we were getting ready to leave and David made darn sure that I returned him to Mommy before we could go. He seemed quite concerned that we might try to take him home with us. David still has a little bit to learn about Grandma's and Grandpa's. We just like to come and play but we are soooo over feeding and bathing and changing diapers, we are quite happy to leave that part to mommy and daddy.


  1. Hey Doni, welcome back! You are allowed to come and go as you need on your blog...we're just happy to see you when you're here! :o)

    Lucas is absolutely adorable...and his big brother is a cutie, too! And yep...daddy needs to know that Grandma's & Grandpa's are very happy to love on and cuddle the little ones, but glad that they can leave them with their parents when the "love fest" is over! :o)

    Have a great day!



  2. Hi Cyndi! Thanks for stopping by. I am hoping to get back in the creative swing of things real soon. Just needed to take the plunge and get something posted to start. May be a little boring around here for a while but I have some great ideas coming! Hugs, d


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