Thursday, August 19, 2010

Featured Artist - Marly

I won't say that I have been unproductive these past few weeks. I actually have been busy with quilt kits and kids and lots of fun stuff. But I haven't got any new crafty stuff to show off, boo hoo. That's OK, 'cause I got people and they can pick up the slack here for me. So I decided to do a "featured artist of the week" to show you some of my favorite peeps and their awesome stuff.

First off is my sis 'n law, Marly. She is, of course, one of my favorite people in the world and oh so talented too! Marly has always done the most beautiful handwork, quilting and embroidery and punchneedle designs. I am a machine sewing kind of girl, so it always amazes me when someone has the patience for sitting and doing beautiful hand work.

A few years ago she started playing around with wool felt and designing these amazing primitive style ornaments, tags and seed packet holders. I love the way she puts the colors together and embellishes them with little buttons and embroidery.

She is a bit of a "CCL" and has a "few" feline friends sharing her work space at home. They keep her company and inspire her too. The kitten mitten ornies can hold a little bag of cat nip for your favorite kitty.

Love these little candle mats to decorate a side table or mantle.

Garden decor, perfect for hanging in the kitchen or on the garden shed above the potting bench. These are my favorite!
Holiday tags and ornies for the primitive/colonial home.

I love the snowmen even though I hate snow and cold weather!
Pet mitten ornies with treats for your favorite four legged friends.

Personalized wall hangings "Portraits" of your own fur babies are her newest art pieces.
I hope you enjoyed Marly's art. She doesn't have a store but sells locally. Reach her through my blog if you are interested in seeing more of her designs.


  1. Hi Doni! Hope you've been doing well...was just thinking of you the other day! Marly's art is lovely! I love those little pet stocking ornaments. If I hung one on my tree with a treat in it, Noah would have the whole tree turned over in a second! LOL!!!

    Have a great day!



  2. Thanks for sharing Marly's creations!!! I, too, have so much admiration for people who do that kind of work. The catnip mittens wouldn't work at my house. The tree would be demolished in a flash of fur!! lol

  3. I just saw this. They look beautiful and your descrips are wonderful. Thank you. =0)


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