Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luau Lights and Wicked Cute Flip Flop Tutorial

Sorry for the delay in posting the Giveaway Prize for Cyndi. She was on vacation and I have been super busy with party planning and quilt kits. But we finally got hooked up and her prize is on the way. Hope she will like these pink and chocolate prints from Moda's "Pack Your Bag" collection! I am really looking forward to seeing her new wallet. She has promised to post some pics on Bluebirdswing!

The Girl Creative
I just popped over to The Girl Creative's blog to join the "Just Something I Whipped Up" party. She is on vacation and the party is being hosted at Dilly Dally and Flitter this week. Go on over there to check out all the fun projects she has linked up this week!

We're getting ready for the Tattooed Mama's party this weekend and trying to do it on the cheap since it is only the 9th of June and our party budget seems to be running a little low already.

OK, our party budget is always a little low, but we never let that stop us, do we?

So we went to Target and got some nice 2/$5 flip flops and fancied them up for the party.

And some Dollar General flowers, which we disassembled to make an awesome luau party light strand with some Christmas lights.

Just pull the flowers off the stems and pull all the plastic thingies off until you have a little silk flower with a hole in the middle.

Poke the Christmas light bulb through the hole and secure it on the base with a little dot of hot glue. This 150 light strand cost only $6. Save some of the extra flowers to decorate your flip flops!

We thought the Tattooed Mama would need a cute wraparound skirt and matching flip flops to wear to her party. The skirt tutorial is coming soon I promise!

For the flip flops you will need 2 strips of fabric 2" wide X approx 12" long. 2 pieces of fusible heavy weight interfacing 3/4" X 12" long. Flowers, bows or whatever embellishments you like. Fabric adhesive, I used Aleene's Platinum Bond Super Fabric glue, and it holds really tight. It is available at WalMart or fabric stores.

Fold in 5/8" of each long edge of your 2" strips and press well.

Iron the fusible interfacing to the back side of the strip. Top stitch close to the outside edge of each side of the strip to secure the interfacing. You an use a matching or contrasting thread. I used orange thread for this project because I wanted the contrasting stitching to show.

Now, fold your strip in half with right sides together then open it up to form a V shape that matches the V shape at the toe of the flip flop. This will form a triangle on the back side, which you want to press down hard with your fingers.

Use a marker to mark the fold line at your angle. Stitch along marked line and cut away the excess fabric.

Center your finished strap on the flip flop strap and trim the ends to fit snugly. Run a good bead of glue on the fabric strap and press it firmly into place with your fingers. If desired, glue your flower or other embellishments onto the strap. I used some craft brads to fill in the hole in the center of the silk flowers.

Allow to dry thoroughly.



  1. Nice how-to article you have. This plus a few party supplies will make a great party for my mother. She has a February birthday and we live in Ohio so it is normally accompanied with a large layer of snow.

  2. OMG, Doni, you have no idea how much I love those "Pack Your Bags" fabrics! I have used them a bunch of times making bags and accessories for other people, but never anything for myself. Guess who this wallet will for? LOL!!!!

    And wow, what a GREAT idea for a party. It just goes to show what you can do with a little bit of money and a lot of creativity! Your ideas ROCK!



  3. Oh my goodness Cyndi, I had no idea you had used the Pack Your Bags fabric! I picked those because I haven't seen them around very often and the little planes and travel motifs are so cute. Well I hope you have fun.

    Thanks Brandon! I agree Feb. is a great time for a tropical theme party.

  4. The Tattooed MommaJune 10, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    But everything you and K made is sooo darn cute it will be worth a rainy party ;)


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