Saturday, July 4, 2009

Today's Special: Stashbuster Challenge # 7

Here is a Black and White Delite Bucket Bag I finished today. This one was inspired by the darling pincushion that I got from Stephanie in our RQQ pincushion swap. In fact one of the fabrics in the pockets is from a great Benartex FQ that Stephanie used for gift wrapping my cushie.

I used D rings for the strap and it was pretty perilous getting through 8 layers of canvas, 2 layers of cotton and a layer of batting when I stitched the straps onto the ring! I was sure I was going to end up with a bent needle at least.

Luckily my beastie Pfaff was up to the challenge and hardly even groaned, even when I backstitched. I love that machine!

I have another beach bag started for my next project. I bought the fabric to make a bag a few years ago after I made my first purse that I gave to Missy for Christmas. I am beginning to think that if I just keep digging I will have enough projects to keep me busy until I retire, but that is a sad thought. I can't possibly go too much longer without buying something new, can I? And also, how can I retire when I don't even have a job!??


  1. just keep making bags! even after you "retire". you need to get back to colorado with kyle and anna. and you need dough for our autumn new england trip. oh wait, i need dough too since one week will be furlough. gonna have time when ben and sam are in because my hard part (getting rid of sh*t) will be over! =0)

  2. Definitely will be ready for another New England trip in the fall! I got to make more bags for sure. But I am looking forward to our road trip!

    Wait a minute Missy, I thought you said you don't like B&W. But yes it is awesome. I have a cool B&W and pink floral that I am going to use to line the next one. You will love it even more.


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