Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here's An Update

My dad's birthday is tomorrow and I haven't finished his quilt yet. I took a long time deciding what I wanted to do, kind of wanted a flannel warm and cozy type, but finally decided on a homespun Americana rail fence pattern. Then I was undecided between raggy and traditional. If I would have done raggy it would be done. Sigh. Anyway it should get done this week, although I was hoping to be done tonight. Got busy blogging and talking as usual.

So here is the score now for selling this week. I sold 3 more kits in my ecrater store. Had a phone message this morning from a lady who needs a quilt for grandbaby due this month. She is so busy, doesn't have time to cut and sew and wanted to know about shipping time for a kit.

This cracks me up. She was on her lunch break when I called her and said she would order and pay when she got back to 'work.' Funny to me because I am beginning to be aware of how much time is spent on the internet shopping and social networking by employees. What did people do before the internet? Work?!? We used to go out for smoke breaks at the college. Mona always had to go for smoke breaks too. People would say, 'I didn't know you smoke.' and she said 'I don't, I'm just addicted to second hand smoke.' Now nobody smokes and I don't think you can even smoke on campus or most workplaces anymore, so good thing we have the internet to keep people from getting bored.

I twittered this morning that I was all but giving up on etsy. I don't mind what I am paying for the listings so much, it is pretty cheap. But I think etsy has a lot more sellers than buyers. So, I swear it was only 30 seconds after I twittered I checked my email and had a sale there! That was pretty funny.

ebay is slow again. I had only 1 sale there today, none over the weekend. I think people are just getting used to googling for what they want and understanding that there are so many more e-commerce options than just ebay and amazon. Google is definitely the key for all the other sites, the better they get at submitting to google the better the traffic. K was showing me the other night how to use the google adwords keyword tool to research keywords for listings. It is worth a look if you haven't tried it. If you have been selling on ebay for a while you are probably pretty good at using keywords anyway, but I still found it interesting to see what people actually enter in searches.

Ok, that's it for blogging for today. I got work to do tomorrow and hopefully some show and tell soon if I can get that quilt done! Happy selling, d

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