Friday, February 6, 2009

Another ebay Rant

I like to occasionally check out some of the sites that pay attention to the e-commerce news of the day. Auctionbytes is one of the best for keeping informed about ebay and they cover up and coming selling sites too.

So I came across this sad but most likely true story on the auctionbytes blog. It is about a seller who tried to obey the rules for not accepting paper payments for ebay transactions and notified ebay that their buyer wanted to send a money order. Of course ebay got it all screwed up and thought they were communicating with the buyer and advised them to leave negative feedback because the seller was unwilling to work with them.

Two things come to mind here. First is: this seller is an idiot who has no business trying to run a business. There were two clear choices here. 1. advise buyer that money orders are against the rules on ebay. 2. break the rules and accept money order. Whining to ebay is just ignorant.

Second is: ebay is being run by morons. 'Nuff said. Did we need more evidence of that?


  1. Oh I am so over eBay... but what other choice do we have. I am not getting any traffic from anywhere else. I feel like I am damned if I do, damned if I don't.

  2. Sad situation, but your insight made me chuckle.

    I closed my eBay store too. When the scale tipped where they got more money than I did from my sales, I decided that their greed had gone too far.

    My funny & sad story: They called me yesterday to tell me how to improve my store appearance using some great new tools....on a store I closed 3 weeks ago. Glad they have it "all together" over there.

    I bet Meg Whitman hates what they have done to her years of hard work...

  3. Never used E-bay for just always scared me and then after hearing horror stories I'm glad I didn't start.
    We purchase now and then.



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